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Quinton Peeples

Walter Sinnott- Armstrong's comments on the Bible reveal a serious misunderstanding about what the Bible is and its purpose. It comes as no surprise that he has a background in the Evangelical movement. Their approach to the text and use of it as "sin management" leads exactly to the result Walter cites - total failure. Although a huge section of the North American Christian church still cling to the ideas he espouses, many, many do not. I would hope that you guys know the work of Dr. Dallas Willard. Clearly, Mr. Sinnot-Armstrong does not. Dr. Willard's writing and teaching is causing a grass-roots revolution of thought inside the Christian church at the moment, and everyone who thinks seriously about God, Scripture and how we interact with the Divine would do well to read his work.

I love the show, by the way - keep up the great work! And maybe you could have Dallas Willard on, if you haven't yet!


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