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August 17, 2013



Interesting set-up: knowing what's best but not doing it however...
What about knowing what's wrong and still doing it anyway? -Happens to me thinking of chess moves, I'll see a pitfall to a candidate move and discount the move going to the next but after a few considerations (and often time trouble) I sometimes end up forgetting my analysis and playing the first move implusively and then hating myself once my hand leaves the piece.
I wish I could know what's best instead of only what is clearly wrong.



I'm a first-time listener and must commend you on an outstanding show. As a novice in philosophy, I have a question regarding the comment @ 12:10. "How does a small group of philosophers create all these ideas." Ms. Moss responded, "I guess there is something in the water."

I wonder if she has been exposed to the work of Dr. George G.M. James 'Stolen Legacy'? It layouts out a possible answer to the question of the origin of the intellectual burst seen during those times.

Lucky for us it is freely distrubuted now:

Great show keep it up!


B. Chadrick Smith

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