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October 30, 2009


Andrew Howley

Congratulations! I, and particularly the me that I am during my commute, thank you for the entertainment and edification!


You guys are awesome. I love this podcast. Keep up the outstanding work.


Congrats from China!

Paul Sas

I've enjoyed listening to your podcasts, although til seeing this, I'd felt they deserved to earn much wider awareness. With 5 Million downloads, I guess the world is wiser than I previously suspected. It's a continual pleasure to hear you both press the interviewee for a lucid account of their thinking.


I love this podcast. I particularly appreciate your interviewing style. I've listened to other podcasts and the interviewers spent so much time blabbing the interviewee could barely get a word in! Thanks for making such an informative, entertaining podcast.

Karen Wood

I have been appreciating these podcasts for the past two months but have not got around to posting my thanks. They really are excellent and as intended very thought-provoking. Considering how much rubbish that there is on the internet it is great to find something so good and free as well! Thank you both for all the hard work involved.

Aidin M

Fantastic podcasts. Bravo!

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