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August 14, 2009



Emotions are what make life worth living. Nothing is more important to the quality and meaning of our life.

Scott Nandor

I find this podcast interesting on a number of levels, but rarely if ever at the deepest level. For instance, M. Droing claims that an emotion is, "a current actual felt state which is intentional." However, this podcast regularly (if not exclusively) takes a physicalist position. This being the case, an emotion is really a chemical reaction which humans use other chemical reactions to 'interpret' (however a chemical reaction interprets).

I would find it interesting for this podcast to cover the topic of how physio-chemical reactions result in feelings, thoughts, or free will.

Moritz Lightman

Sorry Jim, no.

You say "Emotions are what make life worth living"

CREATIVITY is what makes life worth living. That's what we are born to perfect. But yes, being as creative as we possibly can is highly, highly emotional.

Just being lateral. Cheers.

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