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December 09, 2008



Congratulations! Philosophy Bites seems to be the only Podcast out there exploring philisophical issues. It's a bit short, which is great in these busy times. Better still, it's not in lockstep with my personal philosophical views so there's always something to chew on. My only recommendation is it re-explore some topics already covered with other guests so it's clear the final word hasn't been spoken.

Herbie Miller

Keep up the awesome work! Thanks for all the work you put in to this podcast.

Any chance we can get some podcasts on the philosophy of science and technology?


Just a quick thank you for all these brilliant episodes. They are a fantastic introduction into the world of philosophical thinking, but have great depth at the same time. I'm learning lots!

p.s. I think I might have to start a petition to get these on the Radio4 'Thought for the day slot'. It's about time they had some intelligent sentiments expressed by non-religious thinkers.

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