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October 28, 2007


Scott B.

Another good one.

But I hope there are plans for some podcasts which go into topics at greater depth (philosophy feasts?) Something more along the lines of the 1-hour Russ Roberts economics podcasts, or at least the half hour Point of Inquiry ones would be great.


Hey guys, I just learned about your wonderful blog/podcast, and thought I'd give you a big thumbs up. Thanks for sharing such a great service with the rest of the world; keep up those awesome questions too.

I understand the need to keep matters simple for a general audience probably not very familiar with philosophy, and applaud the motivation, but are there any chances you can produce some episodes that really get into the meat of the theories explored? I teach a few philosophy courses and am always looking for resources that my students can use to better understand the material we cover in class, so it would be nice to point them in your direction more frequently.

I also keep a personal blog dedicated to the pursuit of philosophy, science and humor, and, like you, try to keep it simple, so check it out sometime at

Peace out!


This was one of the best shows. Thanks!

While longer and more in depth shows will of course be welcome, I want applaud you on the level of detail. Given the length of the show, quite a few specific arguments were described (e.g., the regress argument) in enough detail to give a flavour of how philosophy works.

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